Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW
Founder – ADHD Dude

Practical, Authentic, Effective –
The ADHD Speaker You’ve Been Waiting For

Practical, Authentic, Effective –
The ADHD Speaker You’ve
Been Waiting For

about Ryan

With the relatable approach that’s become his signature, Ryan Wexelblatt engages audiences with content that connects, educates, and inspires.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, former School Social Worker, Camp Director, and Contributor to ADDitude Magazine

Over 100,000 social media followers

Presenter at national and statewide conferences, as well as parent groups

Ryan’s out-of-the-box, research-informed approach to treating ADHD  has brought much-needed practicality to the ADHD field. Ryan takes otherwise stodgy academic content and conveys it as highly engaging, actionable, and authentic. No sugar-coating, no “academic speak.” It’s been said about Ryan, “You may not like what he has to say, but he’ll always be real with you.”

He offers practical solutions for the most common stressors families of kids with ADHD experience, including behavior at home, lagging social skills, difficulty making and keeping friends, and managing their emotions.  Educators, mental health professionals, and speech-language pathologists have found Ryan’s presentations practical as professionals and parents.

His enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge in the ADHD arena are why Ryan Wexelblatt is a sought-after guest on parenting, health & wellness, education, and, of course, ADHD-specific media outlets, conferences, and parent groups.  He relates well not only with moms but his affable approach and penchant for storytelling keep kids (with short attention spans) engaged.  Ryan resonates particularly well with fathers who appreciate his lack of “fluffy” language and psychobabble.

Speaking Topics

Some common presentation topics Ryan is asked to present on:

Ryan, I just want you to know that I am a Community Paediatrician in the UK, and I prescribe extensively for ADHD. I am also a mum to a boy with ADHD, and I find your advice is spot on. I signpost my patients to your resources.

ADHD in Plain Language.

(Training for School Faculty) Supporting students with ADHD & executive function needs without creating more work for yourself.

(Training for School Counselors, Social Workers, etc.) Helping students develop social executive function skills, not “social skills”.

The child is not the identified patient: How to work effectively with families of kids diagnosed with ADHD.

Social Executive Function Skills: How to help kids with ADHD cultivate and maintain friendships.

What you were never told when your child was diagnosed with ADHD.

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Ryan can tailor presentations to the need of the audience. He has presented to mental health professionals, educators, speech-language pathologists, and parents.

Actionable, Authentic, and Engaging:
ADHD in plain language.